Business Resources

Business Resources in Vanderhoof

This section of our website provides start-up and relocation information for businesses interested in coming to Vanderhoof. It is also a great resource for existing businesses to learn how and where they can advertise their businesses in Vanderhoof and the north.

How to Start A Business in Vanderhoof

One Stop BC Business Registry has all the steps and forms you need to start a business. Also useful is the Starting a Small Business Guide produced by the BC government.

Below is information on where to go in Vanderhoof to start a business here.

1) Community Futures and Progressive Employment Services are excellent places to start if you have an idea for a business. You may qualify for funding or assistance to start up a new business.

2) Pick a business name and get it approved and register your business at the Service BC Centre (189 Stewart Street East). You can find out information on how to register for GST and PST (if applicable), as well as ask about other regulations and requirements for starting up businesses such as restaurants etc. from the Service BC Centre.

3) Acquire a business license from the office of the District Municipality of Vanderhoof (160 Connaught Street).

4) If you need office space, visit Chamber members, McBride Realty, Property Guys, Remax, or Royal LePage for real estate and rental buildings information.

5) Office stationary supplies are available at various stores in Vanderhoof, such as the Great Canadian Dollar Store on Burrard Avenue, Bird on a Wire Media on Stewart Street West, and the Four Rivers Co-op grocery floor and Rexall Drugs (both in the Co-op Mall). Office furniture is often available at the local furniture stores in Vanderhoof such as City Furniture.

6) Register your domain name and build a website. Check out the Chamber of Commerce Member Directory for businesses in Vanderhoof that could help you with your media and marketing needs.

Where to Advertise in Vanderhoof

There are several advertisement opportunities in Vanderhoof. Check out the Chamber of Commerce Member directory for businesses in Vanderhoof that could help you with your media and marketing needs.

Newspapers and Magazines

Omineca Express, Caledonia Courier, Stuart Nechako Advertiser: weekly newspapers, distributed in Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, and Fort St. James.

Take A Gander: a daily newsletter, distributed free at various locations around Vanderhoof.
(contact them at

Northword: quarterly magazine, distributed from Prince Rupert to Prince George.

Business Peace Cariboo Skeena:  Monthly publication covering the North.

Annual Publications

Nechako Valley Exhibition Fair Book: published in June of each year, distribution concentrated within Vanderhoof with some copies going to Prince George, Fraser Lake, and Fort St. James.

101 Things to See & Do in the Stuart/Nechako Region: published by the Omineca Express and distributed throughout the region.

Radio and Television

The Valley Wolf: Vanderhoof based radio station with broadcast to Fort St. James and Fraser Lake

Trade Shows and Fairs

Nechako Valley Exhibition: third weekend in August, booths available, 3000 attendees

Annual Trade Show: held in May every  year, booths available, 2000 attendees

Signage and Billboards

Vanderhoof Arena: billboards on arena walls

Nechako Valley Exhibition Indoor Riding Arena: billboards on arena walls

Check out the Chamber of Commerce Member Directory for businesses that could help you with signage for your business.

Relocation Package

Thinking of moving your business to Vanderhoof?  Learn more about the benefits of living and working in Vanderhoof in our Relocation Package on our Links & Downloads page. Another useful publication is the Community Resource Guide