Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a some commonly asked questions about the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce. If you have a new question, please contact us at the office at 250-567-2124 and we would be happy to answer it.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization comprised of businesses, professionals, residents, and community groups working together to ensure a healthy economic and socio-economic base to benefit the entire community. Your Chamber of Commerce harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and the community at large as a unified “Voice of Business”, enabling its membership to accomplish collectively what no one person can do individually.

How does the Chamber of Commerce work?

The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by its membership and its elected volunteer Board of Directors. They in turn employ a Manager and other staff whose basic responsibility is to organize and execute the Chamber’s programs and carry out its policies.  The board meets once a month to formulate policies and carry out the wishes of the membership.  There are 3 general meetings held during the year, which the membership at large are welcome to attend.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

The Chamber of Commerce represents and promotes Vanderhoof’s economy, education system, crime prevention programs, environmental, cultural and governmental concerns. We encourage business, residential, and industrial investment, thereby broadening the tax base and providing employment. The objective of the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce is to serve the interests of its members, the business community and the community at large. The Chamber has formed alliances with members, business leaders, other chambers, associations, and agencies to accomplish its goals of business and community service.  See “About” for more information.

Why join the Chamber of Commerce?

Be part of the solution! The Chamber of Commerce is the salesperson for the community and it’s businesses – tirelessly promoting their products and services and at the same time protecting their interests. The Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce has proven effective and beneficial to businesses and residents of our community where a single voice can go unheard. The benefits of belonging to the Chamber are full-time representation and year-round results.

Becoming a member of the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce is simple, economical, and good for business. Our Memberships offers direct benefits to businesses and business owners through discounted business services, local shopping discounts, promotional events and publications, and free Chamber services that are available only to Chamber of Commerce members.