Rural Vanderhoof


Named after Herbert Vanderhoof, Vanderhoof is Dutch for ‘of the farm’, which is appropriate since Vanderhoof was one of the first agricultural settlements in BC. The Nechako Valley is abundant with productive agricultural lands. There are many small side roads that follow along fields of hay, wheat, and canola, which makes for a pleasant day’s drive or bike.

Wildlife Watching

The agricultural and forested lands surrounding Vanderhoof offer excellent wildlife watching and photo opportunities. Enjoy an afternoon exploring our quiet rural roads, or take a drive around Loop Road to look for Northern Harriers or Merlins hunting for lunch, or deer munching grass alongside herds of cattle and horses. For larger game, drive one of the many gravel logging roads to watch for moose, black bear, grizzly bear and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Be sure to pick up the Bird Watching Hot Spots tour card as well as the Bird Species List of the Nechako Valley from the Visitor Centre for tips.

Rural Vanderhoof and Wildlife


A popular pastime for travellers – geocaching is available here. Vanderhoof has a number of geocach sites, some of which are situated in places that you’ll want to spend the day at. Check in at the Visitor Centre for more information and also to pick up our Bird Watching Hot Spots tour card to help you navigate the rural roads around Vanderhoof.

Big River Country

In the Dakelh (Carrier) language, the meaning of the word Nechako is ‘Big River’. We invite you to explore our Big River Country south of Vanderhoof for a true wilderness experience. This region covers a largely unpopulated wilderness area of 22,500 square km from Vanderhoof to Tweedsmuir Park, and offers some of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in Canada.

Big River Country is home to wilderness resorts, lodges, and retreats, so there are plenty of places to stay, relax, fish, hunt or simply enjoy the abundance of wildlife. If you are looking for a wilderness adventure, be sure to visit to learn how to make it a reality. These resorts are popular, so be sure to book your stay in advance.

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