How to Get Here

Vanderhoof is situated in the geographical centre of British Columbia, so it is very easy to find on a map – just look for the middle of the province and there we are!

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Visitor Centre Building

To find the Visitor Centre:

For those of you who take advantage of technology to determine your position on the globe, the GPS coordinates for the Visitor Centre are:

N    54o  00.919′

W 124o  00.490′

Turn north at the intersection with Burrard Avenue (at the A&W Restaurant). The Visitor Centre is located on the left, immediately after you cross the railroad tracks. For RV parking, you may find it easier to turn right into the Co-op Mall parking lot and walk across the street to the Visitor Centre.


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By Road

Vanderhoof is approximately 98km west of Prince George, and approximately 620km east of Prince Rupert.

Driving North from Quesnel on the ‘Backroads’

Always a fun trip, you can travel from Quesnel (and Prince George for that matter) to Vanderhoof completely on logging roads. The network of logging roads can be confusing and getting lost is a possibility, so please make sure you have up-to-date maps, a full tank of gas, lots of water and food, more than one spare tire, and a lot of patience. A CB radio is handy incase of emergency or if you happen upon active logging roads (cell phones won’t work). The trip takes longer than driving the highways, but it is truly the scenic route. Wildlife, rivers, forests and magnificent landscapes abound on this trip. Please contact your local forest service office (Vanderhoof 250-567-6363) for more information and an update of current logging activities and maps, or contact us for more information.

On the Bus

The Greyhound bus stops in Vanderhoof on a regular schedule each day. The Greyhound bus station is in the Co-op Mall next to Rexall Pharmacy.


During the summer months you see many bike tours come through town. Cyclist are encouraged to stop in Vanderhoof for a rest before tackling the next leg of their journey.

Driving in the Winter

Northern highways can be hazardous in the winter. Take caution when driving on snow covered roads. Observe the speed limits and slow down in snowy or icy road conditions. Chains or studded winter tires may be necessary to drive in this area. We want you to travel safely to and from Vanderhoof. You can check on the road conditions at DriveBC.

By Rail

Via Rail trains stop in Vanderhoof to pick up passengers, but you must make a reservation ahead of time.  The train heads west on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and east on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please contact Via Rail for schedules and fares.

By Air

Guardian Aerospace operates the Vanderhoof airport, which has a 1,524m asphalt runway. Runway lights and GPS were recently installed, allowing for additional services to access Vanderhoof by air. Contact Guardian Aerospace for more information.

Prince George International Airport is approximately a one hour and twenty five minute drive from Vanderhoof. There are car rental options at the PG Airport, or in downtown Prince George. There are no car rentals in Vanderhoof.

Saik’uz First Nation

The village of Stoney Creek is located approximately 15km south of Vanderhoof. Click here for more information about Stoney Creek and Saik’uz First Nation.