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Value Added Wood Drying System

Heat Modification: Important wood attributes are evaluated based on functionality, appearance and cost.  When buying timber, this normally limits you to 1 or 2 of these choices.  But SeasonWood is different.  By subjecting commodity lumber to steam and high temperatures, we produce SeasonWood

SeasonWood is wood that is visually enhanced by ‘cooking’ it to a darkened color and improving its performance in dimensional stability and durability.

By heat treating wood to 180° Celsius (Thermo-S), wood equilibrium moisture content is lowered and wood will shrink and swell less.

SeasonWood Thermo-D slows down biological decay rates and offers greater rot resistance when compared to ‘natural’ wood. 

Any species, any thickness.  SeasonWood has the flexibility to heat treat any wood.

Bill Inden, Carl Larson, Dan Brooks, Dallin Brooks

Box 619, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0

Phone: 250-570-1456

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